Storypark ⋆ Kiddets

We’ve partnered with Storypark to bring you some excellent craft and activity videos. Learn a little bit more about who Storypark is!

Storypark started when New Zealand web designer Jamie Macdonald created a webapp for his mum so she could share the learning of the children at her early learning centre privately with their families. 

Jamie’s mum was so happy with the impact this new parent engagement was having for the children’s learning, that Jamie decided to build Storypark into a platform that all early childhood educators could use to document and support children’s learning.

And so Storypark was born – in service to children, educators, and family members all over the world.

Now 300,000+ leading teachers and families around the world use Storypark every day.

As well as being the most secure platform for educators to document and extend children’s learning, Storypark supports educators and parents with resources and inspiration via their online community.


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